How To Get Free Skins In Call Of Duty Mobile || Call Of Duty Mobile Free Skins For Guns

How to Get Free Skins On Call Of Duty Mobile

Extremely popular online multiplayer Battle Royal game that already has more than 10+ million active users. However, to promote the game, the company keeps updating the game with new features, maps, skin, outfits and prefers to give players some gifts or bonus items, etc.

This time, the company is promoting an app called WeGame for Call. Official Mobile through its official COD Mobile India Twitter handle. It is basically a game booster for the game. The game is listed on the Google Play Store as ‘WeGame for COD Mobile –Official Booster & Free Gift’.

“Tweets reads,” Now download and install app ‘weGame for CODM’ you can get the free game item: Best Carpes ¡COD Crate Couponf f Outfit APP III as a gift in box III reception Gift limited, first come and first served! Received! “

According to the tweet, COD Mobile is asking players to download the app to win free gifts as in-game items such as gifts from Godzilla’s Carapace, COD Crate Coupons, Outfit Box III. The tweet further states that gifts will be given to users on a first come, first served basis. However, it is unclear how much the limit is.

Call Of Duty Mobile

Activision Call of Duty: Mobile is definitely the most exciting mobile game of the year. With over 35 million downloads in the first 3 to 4 days, Call of Duty: Mobile is off to an explosive start. To sweeten the deal, Call of Duty: Mobile is now coming to PC, viz. Gamers who like the mouse and keyboard feature can now download the official COD mobile emulator on their PCs.

The emulator, called GameLop, is said to be a rebranded version of Tencent’s gaming buddy emulator, which also introduced the PC experience for PUBG Mobile last year. The emulator brings PC support to various popular mobile games such as Arena of Velor. Note that there are a bunch of PC emulators but GameLope has Tencent support.

Gameloop states on its website that the emulator helps break out of the configuration restrictions required to play Call of Duty on mobile.

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