Pixel 4, Pixel XL Pubg Gaming Test

Google Pixel 4: Pubg Mobile Gameplay Test
Google Pixel 4: Pubg Mobile Gameplay Test

Google Pixel 4 is leaking continuously this week with a holocaust of videos and images originally coming from Vietnam. This morning, another video from Pixel 4XL shows how the phone handles serious gaming with PUBG Mobile.

Google certainly cannot market the Pixel 4 XL with gaming phones such as the Razer Phone 2 or Asus ROG Phone II, but it has an important feature that is sure to make it a good choice. The 90Hz "smooth display" should provide a great gameplay experience for some titles.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular Android games that supports high update speeds, and works great on the Pixel 4 XL. Obviously, the 90 fps gameplay cannot be fully translated into a single video, but the game runs with almost no delay even with fairly high settings.

Pubg Gameplay: 

It is much nicer to watch it than the Pixel 3, which tends to fight the game. Apparently, new processors and additional RAM are helping.

Apparently, PUBG Mobile has not yet been optimized for Pixel 4 XL. Looking at the corners of the screen, some elements of the user interface are slightly cut off at the rounded corners of the phone.

Unfortunately, there are many details that we cannot collect from this video due to language barriers. However, it seems that Pixel 4 XL will work perfectly for games.

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