PM Modi in Hisar Live: A Direct target on Congress, Said- We Work And They Do
PM Modi in Hisar Live: A Direct target on Congress, Said- We Work And They Do

Sonipat / Hisar, JNN / ANI. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the opposition, especially the Congress, in Hisar rally. He said, we work and they do the work. We believe in doing our work and believe in working for the Congress. My previous tenure went into cleaning and filling pits. Now we have to work at a pace and write a new script.

Said- five years went into filling pits and cleaning, now we will write a new article

Prime Minister Modi raised the issue of water. He said that the farmers of Haryana did not get water and the earlier governments kept quiet and watched. He said that now the water for the rights of the people of India and Haryana will no longer go to Pakistan. Preparations are being made to take steps for this. He said, it is Modi who is determined and lives to the fullest. Pakistan will soon stop flowing water.

Prime Minister Modi mentioned the Ayushman Yojana. He said that Ayushman scheme provided health and treatment facilities to the poor. People were not able to get their treatment properly due to lack of money, but they are getting it through Ayushman Yojana. He also discussed toilets, skills and domestic gas cylinder schemes. He said that BJP has given development to Haryana. Development is seen on the roads here.

Started his address in Haryanvi. He said that the people of Haryana are grateful for the love given in the Lok Sabha elections. Strengthens the love of people. The Haryana Assembly elections will change all equations and break all records. He attacked Congress and Congress leaders of Haryana.

Said- strengthens the love of the people, welcome from the slogan of Modi-Modi

He said that Haryana is my second home. Have done a lot of work here and I need someone's advice about Haryana. He has reached Hisar after addressing a rally at Mohana in Sainipat. On arriving at the Hisar rally, he was welcomed by the Modi-Modi slogan. Earlier in the Mohana rally, he said that Congress leaders made such statements about Jammu and Kashmir that Pakistan took advantage of it. Based on these statements, he is busy strengthening his case in the world. What kind of chemistry is this between Congress and Pakistan. It is a relationship of pain and sympathy. At the rally, the Prime Minister gave the slogan of Jai Kisan, Jai Jawan and Jai Pahalwan. PM Modi left for Hisar after the Mohana rally. The rally has begun in Hisar and the Prime Minister will arrive in a short time.

When the PM's helicopter arrived near the rally venue, people got very excited and started shouting slogans of Modi-Modi. On reaching the stage of the rally, BJP leaders welcomed him. In the rally, former Union Minister Birendra Singh said that Modi is the leader of the world, not only the country. Modi's leadership twice got a clear majority. I have not seen a Lok Sabha election like 2019 in a 47-year political career. For the first time election was above caste and religion.

Said- what kind of chemistry between Congress and Pakistan, this is the relationship of pain and sympathy

PM Modi in Hisar Live
PM Modi in Hisar Live

At the Hisar rally, local leaders and candidates from the assembly constituencies of Hisar and adjoining districts are present on the dais. Rajya Sabha DP Vats, Hisar MP Brijendra Singh and Hisar Mayor Gautam Sardana are present on the stage of the rally. The rally venue is decorated with BJP flags and posters. Tight security has been put in place at the rally venue.

PM Modi's new slogan at Mohana rally- Jai Kisan, Jai Jawan and Jai Pahalwan

Modi, while referring to the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, asked people to tell me that I should take decisions in the interest of the country. He said that this causes trouble to the Congress and it hurts the stomach of its leaders. He said what happened on August 5, you know. The entire Constitution of India came into force in Jammu and Kashmir on 5 August. For 70 years, we removed the hindrance in the development of Jammu and Kashmir. But since then, the Congress and its allies have suffered such a pain in the stomach that no medicine is working.

He said that the false claims that the Congress leaders had made to encircle Modi, by making the same claims and holding those statements, today Pakistan is using the statements to strengthen its case all over the world. I want to tell the Congress that no matter how much you lie about Modi to be accused, but at least respect mother Bharti. Honor Mother India. Do not let the borders ruin the country in such a way.

He said that the Congress was not even worried about the Dalits, those backward, who were denied rights in Jammu and Kashmir. After the independence of the country, when the entire Punjab was one, the Dalits of this region were taken to serve the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It has been 70 years, four generations have passed. These Dalits served Kashmir. Now their children started coming forward after studying, but under Section 370 these Dalits were not given any right. The Congress slept for 70 years.

Modi said that the dream that Babasaheb Ambedkar had done for the Dalits and the victims, should be crushed in Jammu and Kashmir, how long will it last. Congress is not worried about Dalits, nor Baba Saheb. What can Haryana worry about such people? Asked people whether such people should be punished or not. Send such people home. Neither the jawan nor the farmers nor the players were safe under the Congress rule.

He said that what was the position of the players in Congress Raj, you are familiar with it. Before 2014 there were reports of scams and scams in the game. There was no discussion of sports but scams. The commonwealth scandals led to infamy. Today we did better in them. : Prime minister

He said that Haryana has been at the forefront of raising the glory of the tricolor, whether it is a wrestling or a battleground. Modi said, I ask you whether I should raise this feeling of Haryana or not. Should I take decisions in the national interest or not. Should country interest be above politics or not. The feeling of Haryana is not falling in the ears of the Congress and its parties.

Modi said, it has become a disease of the Congress. When we talk about Clean India, the Congress begins to ache. When we talk about surgical strikes, the pain increases so much that don't ask. If we take the name of Balakot, the Congress starts bouncing with pain. Now people also know why this is the pain of Congress.

PM Modi said that in these five years, the players are the same, the talent is there, the institutions are also there, then how did such a big change happen. The change came in such a way that the situation has changed by the BJP government. The player is the same. We have emphasized on talent recognition. Eliminated nepotism. Politics was not allowed to enter. The result of that is that the player of the country puts the trust of the country on the moon.

He said that we are giving important place to our players in politics and national policy. The wrestler that we have landed here is a result of that thinking. The Prime Minister mentioned various schemes being run for the farmers. The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi provides direct financial assistance to millions of families in bank accounts. No broker, no middleman. Monthly pension scheme has been started for small farmers. Strong arrangements have been made from irrigation to earning, from seasonal disaster to compensation.

He said that Haryana has done a good job in self-employment. The Congress culture of expenditure and slip has departed from Haryana. This is good governance. This is what democracy looks like. It is our policy to give the youth opportunities without recommendation and permission. Sonipat is becoming a hub of entrepreneurs. The enterprise is developing rapidly. Surat is full of people from Sonepat and Bhiwani. He mentioned the rail factory to be built in Gannur. He said that India is also exporting train coaches to foreign countries. This factory will provide employment to the youth.

He said that if the scope of industries is increasing in Haryana today, it is because the infrastructure is improving. Eight highways have been constructed in the last five years. Work is going on to expand the metro in Sonepat. This area is also going to connect Delhi with Rapid Rail.

Rally slogans welcomed in Maheana, Prime Minister's welcome, speech started in Haryanavi

Earlier he received a grand welcome after reaching the stage of the rally. People shouted slogans of Modi-Medi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's helicopter landed near the venue and reached the stage from there. He began his address at Hariyanavi. Earlier the rally was addressed by the local leaders. The rally venue is very beautifully decorated. Tight security has been put in the rally. Local leaders are present on the stage of the rally. After this, the Prime Minister will address the rally in Hisar.

Sonepat MP Ramesh Kaushik, Rohtak MP Dr Arvind Sharma and three candidates from Karnal district, three in Rohtak district and BJP candidates from six assembly seats in Sonipat district are present on the stage at the rally held in Mohan's Mandi Mandi. BJP's Haryana Prabhari Dr. Anil Jain is also present. Cabinet ministers Kavita Jain, Krishnalal Panwar are also present in the rally. Satish Nandal, contesting from Rohtak's Garhi Kiloi Sampla, Shamser Kharkada from Maham, Teertha Rana from Gohana, Yogeshwar Dutt from Baroda, Nirmal Chaudhary from Gannaur, MLA Krishnalal Middha from Rai to Mohanlal Badauli Jind are present on the dais.

The process of people coming to the rally started early in the morning. The entire rally venue is decorated with BJP flags and posters. Posters of Prime Minister Modi are also seen all around. A large number of people have come under the mask of PM Modi. There are very tight security arrangements throughout the rally venue. People have been allowed to go to the rally pandal only after rigorous checking. The Prime Minister will also address two rallies in Haryana on October 19, the last day of the assembly elections.

The Prime Minister addressed rallies in Dadri and Kurukshetra in Haryana on 16 October. He will rally in Sirsa and Rewari on 19 October. There has been a ruckus about the rally since morning in Mohana and strict security has been put in place at the rally and surrounding areas. The helipad has been built for the Prime Minister's helicopter near the rally venue. DGP Manoj Yadav also reached to take stock of security arrangements for this rally to be held at Mohana's Grain Mandi.

Along with inspections of DGP at the rally site, senior police officers including ADGP CID Anil Rao, ADGP AS Chawla, IG Rohtak Range Sandeep Khirwar, IG Security Saurabh Singh have camped in Mohana. The four-hour route has been diverted on the Sonepat-Gohana route regarding the rally. Duty of 1,700 police personnel, including nine SPs, 22 DSPs, has been deployed for security at the rally. 11 ambulances will be deployed at the rally venue. Along with this, the duty of doctors has also been imposed.

PM Modi will come after five years in Hisar

Prime Minister Modi is coming to Hisar soil after five years. Earlier, he addressed the rally here in the 2014 assembly elections. There is a very tight security for the rally. Police are stationed in and around the rally site.

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