Who is Abhijit Benarjee: Know who is Abhijeet Banerjee of Indian origin who received the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences

Stockholm. On Monday, the Swedish Academy announced the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences to three people, including Indian-origin economist Abhijeet Banerjee. The recipient of the award, Abhijeet, was born in India and is currently working with a foundation in the United States working on measures to alleviate global poverty. Abhijeet, Esther Duffalo and Michael Creamer have been given this award for their work. As for Abhijeet, he is currently teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an economics professor at the Ford Foundation.

Abhijeet was born on 21 February 1961 in Kolkata, West Bengal. Economics was in his blood as his mother Nirmala Benerjee was also a professor of economics at the Center for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata. At the same time, his father Deepak Banerjee was a professor of economics at the famous Presidency College in Kolkata. Abhijeet did his early education at the Presidency College where he obtained a BS degree in Economics. After this, he did his MA in the same subject. Abhijeet went to Harvard University in 1988 to pursue his PhD in Economics.

After teaching at Harvard and Princeton University, Abhijit is currently teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also received Infosys Prize in 2009. Abhijeet was married to Dr. Arundhati Tuli Banerjee. Both knew each other since childhood and they also have a son. Later, the two got separated. After this, their relationship was with them for this year's Nobel Prize winning Esther Duffalo and the two were together for 18 months. Abhijeet also has a son from Esther. Presently, Esther and Abhijeet are founders of the Abdul Latif Jamir Prevotti Action Lab for which they received this Nobel Prize.

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