Redmi K30-5G-Specification

Redmi K30-5G-Specification-Price In India-Launch Date In India
Redmi K30 5G

Redmi K30-5G-Specification-Price In India-Launch Date In India

Xiaomi's Redmi K30 is one of the most luxurious phones allowed by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, but no one has been mentioned yet about the specification of the Redmi K20. So far it has been revealed that the Redmi K30 will support this G which means that this phone can be available in 5G. So far it has been investigated that it can be launched by the end of 2019 or it can be launched in 2020.

Unfortunately, no exact specification of the phone has been run, but we will tell you by speculating what specifications and features you will get to see on this phone. Weibing, the sub-brand of Redmi, has revealed that you will get support of 5G in Redmi.

Xiaomi recently launched the trailer of Redmi K30 which was good, which showed that now the phone is going to be very fun amazing and it is also very tractor and beautiful in appearance and you have to watch YouTube You can see the trailer of Redmi K30 by searching on YouTube and searching Redmi K30 official trailer, if you search this much, you will see the video, you can see that video and give it Could that be it would call it the way she would look like and attractive will or beautiful. In the trailer that Xiaomi launched, in the trailer, we saw that the front camera that will be on the front side of the smartphone will be equipped with a double camera. Put both of them in a pill-shaped hole punch just on the right corner of the selfie sniper phone. The system seen on the Galaxy S10 will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy as you get to see the front camera, similarly friends you will get to see this phone.

As of now, there is no specific information about its specifications, but this phone will be launched in two variants. In this phone, you will get the support of 3G, 4G, 5G, all three. As we have learned that the next variant of KIR Redmi K30 can be done next year in 2020 and its specifications will also be very special. Meaning you are likely to have two variants of Redmi's K series by next year. Xiaomi Vice President Lu Weibing shared this news through Weibo.
In the Redmi K30, you will get Qualcomm 7250 chipset and 5G standby support in the companion and expect very good features.

It is also known in the news that your phone is likely to be launched in China first in 2020. Xiaomi has also told that the 5G smartphone will be the Redmi brand, the Redmi K30 will be. Now the report on the genus microblogging site Vivo has not yet suggested that the K30 will run on a Media Tech SoC and the modem that will be the MediaTek Helio M70 5G can be it or it is difficult to guess in the Qualcomm 7250 chipset so what we get Let us tell you in this article about the specifications.

It is also known that in this phone you can play the PUBG game very easily, without any hassle, without any interruption, if you are on YouTube, you can also live stream it if you live stream in this phone. If you do, you can also live to stream it without taking it, meaning your game article will not be there and the users who will be on your video will not leave your video.

While more and more manufacturers are opting for the SnapDragon X Series 5G modem, but Media Day currently offers equally hypnotic options for the iM. It is important to note that the Redmi K30 will work in the Josh Media. Tech runs on chipset.

In recent days, Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 8 Pro in the market which included the recent gaming chipset of Media Tech.

Investigations are also finding that the operators of the Redmi K30 cellular network should be in SA / NSA mode. This suggests that the Redmi K30 can only work on 5G networks but it is still being detected in NSA mode. That LTE network work will be used for connectivity here even for non 5G markets.

Not much is known about the Redmi K30 but apart from this, it will have a display of 19 place design, 2 front cameras which will feature South on the top right which you will see on the display, Redmi K20 when it was launched in India, it was very Many people who faced the question we're faced but on this note Redmi GM Lu Weibing has already talked that the Redmi K30 will not be a cheap device but it will be a bit expensive to see Oga that redmi device is the most likely to have to sit with buyers after launch early 2020.

Also, Chinese tipster @DigitalChatStation suggested that Qualcomm and Media Tech's 5G mid-range chipsets SM7250 and MT6885 will start shipping in June 2020. Qualcomm may close a new procession for its summit and the second scheduled for December 5 and it is being seen that Tech's summit will be held on 26 November where MT6885 will be announced.

Although it could not be confirmed that the Redmi K30 can hold the OLED panel with the Redmi K20 in a packed quad-camera setup and line up. Talk about its price, the price that the Redmi K30 will have is likely to be more than about ₹ 21000 but The launch date has not been announced yet.


In the Redmi K30, you can see a display of 7 Inches and it will also be regulated and it can be of 403 PPI if it talks about its pixel density, the display type of this phone will be Amoled. This shows that the Redmi K20 will have a good display. The specification of its display is not confirmed.


In the Redmi K30, you can see a 4-man camera, if you talk about its megapixels in this smartphone, then let us know what will be its megapixels, these cameras will be 50MP + 32MP + 8MP + 5MP, then talk about its front. Regarding the camera, its front camera will be a dual camera, 25MP + 5MP, which were the specifications of this camera, it is not confirmed. Talking about the features of its cameras, in this phone, you will get 10x digital zoom, in the companion you will get 2x optical room, there will be auto flash, face detection will be autofocus. Now talk about its picture clarity, in this phone, you can extract videos from 60fps to 120fps and the picture clarity will be 5K.


In this smartphone, you will get 5000mAh capacity of the battery and the type of this battery will be Li-Polymer. You can charge super fast in this phone, meaning in this, you support fast charging, your phone can be fully charged in one to half an hour, the possibility is being told in this phone.


In this phone, you can get MediaTek processor or Snap SnapDragon or have not been confirmed yet, so I can not tell you anything about the performance but on this phone, you get 6GB to 8GB of RAM. Can.

MediaTek 5G SoC
MediaTek 5G SoC


In this phone, you will get to see 128GB of internal memory, which is the highest internal storage memory, it does not have expandable memory, you cannot install a separate memory card in it. And it will support USB OTG.

Redmi K20 Full Review

This is the second k-series phone from Redmi K20 Xiaomi. It gives good performance in the areas of camera, phone design, performance, battery capacity, and other requirements. All these requirements are being met, for Rs.21999.

The Redmi K20 is great in appearance and gives a nice look and the phone becomes even better in appearance. In this phone you get a Snapdragon processor of 730 processor, which helps you in gaming, this processor can play games like PUBG comfortably in this phone with such a good processor.

Although Redmi K20 is cheaper, Redmi K20 comes with the same design as the more demanding phones, Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro. These two phones come in 3 colors in India. Talk about colors of colors, which is the first Blue one, the second color is Carbon Fiber Black and the third color is Flame Red. These phones have been launched in India in three colors. I love the Flame Red color which I like out of these three colors.

Why talk about Redmi K20 weight and despite the metal body, the weight is only and only 191 grams, when you get this phone very rarely. And it does not feel heavy at all in the hand and is therefore very good. To protect both the Redmi K20 backside and the front, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 has been featured in it so that if your phone falls below the hands, then no damage will be behind or in the front, so I am not sure which Corning Gorilla Glass I like the protection that is given in this phone, its strength increases with Gorilla Glass, Corning Gorilla Glass is how it is glass There is no effect on the screen, so that your phone screen or back panel remains fine.

 I also like this phone because Redmi K20 is a police phone. The edges of this phone are well made with curved bread, this makes it easier to hold the phone in the hand, which means that the shape of this phone which is its design is absolutely right, this phone does not seem too big in the hand at all. It does not seem too small means this phone provides a medium phone look for you.

The Redmi K20 comes with a fairly clean and build quality, it provides a solid, there is no complaint about the build quality of the juice. Redmi K20 It comes with AMOLED display The screen of the phone is 6.39 inches and its pixel resolution is 2040x1080 pixels. The phone screens on both indoor and outdoor are very bright, if you are using this phone indoors, then it should keep 40 to 50% brightness, it is absolutely fine if you usually go outside and use it. The brightness of the phone can go from 80 to 90.

Redmi K20 comes in different screen modes automatic brightness here which the user can use. Redmi K20 uses this OLED panel, this panel is always seen on the Xiaomi Show Mi phone.

 In this phone, you will get to see good experiences of all the apps because this phone is very good. In Redmi K20, you get the seventh generation Play Fingerprint Sensor, its users can use it to unlock the phone or unlock it by locking on their apps, along with this you also get the option of face unlock. There is also a face from which you can lock or unlock phone calls. Its facelock is a bit slow, it is Arjun's fingerprint sensor, it works fast. In this phone, you get to see a selfie pop up camera, which attracts people to its side, the face is unlocked with this pop off camera. So Face Unlock works slowly. Its face unlock system does not work at all in the dark, the worst thing I felt was because many such phones unlock the face even in the dark.

Portrait mod of Redmi K20 works very well and it captures pictures with lots of details and has a background that goes well which means you get to see images like DSLRs well in this phone. Go. You get 6GB of RAM in this phone. And on this phone you also get a double LED flash, the battery backup of this phone is 4000mAh power, on this phone, you get to see the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 730.

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